Non-alcoholic beverages

Following the wishes of the market, STUTE produces a wide range of beverages with a wide variety of flavors and in many package sizes. STUTE offers fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea, and lemonades in cans, beverage carton packaging, PET, and glass bottles. Several million liters can be filled every day on the systems.

Fruit juice (direct juice)

Direct juice is a natural product and pressed directly after harvest (in the harvesting country). This juice is not made from concentrate and is preserved by gentle pasteurization. In the case of multi-fruit juice, individual fruits may also be present in the form of purees.

Fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate

To obtain fruit juice concentrate, the water content of the fruit juice is decreased until it is concentrated to approx. 1/6 of its original volume. During the production of fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate, the originally withdrawn fruit water and the fruit’s own flavor is added back.

Fruit nectar

Fruit nectar is a product made from fruit juice and/or fruit pulp by adding water and flavor. Minimum fruit content is required by law. Depending on the type of fruit, various sugars and/or sweeteners are common, but not necessary.

Soft drinks

Fruit spritzers

The minimum fruit content of a spritzer corresponds to that of the fruit nectars. Fruit spritzers do not contain any added sugar, unless acidic fruit juices not suitable for immediate consumption are used. The addition of carbonic acid is common.

Fruit juice drinks

They contain small amounts of fruit juice, fruit pulp, or mixtures thereof, in addition to water, fruit flavors, as well as possibly sugar and edible acids.

Fruit juice drinks have a lower fruit content than fruit nectars.


Lemonades contain flavor extracts and/or flavors. They have a total sugar content of at least 7%. In reduced-calorie lemonade, the sugar is completely or partially replaced by sweeteners. Fruit juice concentrate, fruit pulp, fruit pulp concentrate, or a mixture of these products may be added as an ingredient.

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